January 8, 2016

about me

Hi everyone!

I just thought that if you’re going to stick around, you might as well know a little something about me 🙂

If you haven’t already guessed, my name is Tiffany and I’m an Australian book blogger. I love anything that is fiction and in pages, so you could say I love books. I have a weakness for beautiful book covers, and hardcovers because i just can’t resist them! (comment if you can relate) And I mostly enjoy YA, teen fiction novels!

The book series that first got me into reading was probably the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins when i read it in year 4, but obviously I read other good books before, but this trilogy was probably the first time i ever stepped into the teen genre and I fell in love. Ever since then I’ve always loved reading but it started becoming an obsession in mid 2014.

Because I live in Australia, I don’t have those opportunities to go to book signings and author events, and the bookstores that are near me have a very limited stock and can be extremely expensive, so I mainly get my books from bookdepository.com or other online bookstores.

If you didn’t know, I first started sharing my love of books though instagram (@fixtionology) and I still love posting pictures of my favourite books but I decided to start this blog because I thought that it would create endless opportunities, opportunities to meet other fellow booklovers, opportunities to share my love of books with a wider community and not limiting it to just people on bookstagram, opportunities to influence others to take on reading and trying new things that could turn into something wonderful, and so many more.


I hope you really enjoy my blog because I put in a lot of effort and I hope you like it! Until next time!



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