Firstly, this movie was awesome. I genuinely loved it and I thought it was  on the better side of the book-to-movie adaptations. I was really impressed by the directors and screen writers because it was so similar to the book and it was really accurate. I watched the movie with a group of people who hadn’t even heard of the 5th Wave/let alone read it and they all really enjoyed it! I felt like it was really easy to follow and understand what exactly was going on, unlike in some parts throughout the book when it switched a lot between what was happening in the past and present and when they switched to different POVs, but I do understand that it’s a lot harder to do that in a book than in a movie. I really liked the way they filmed and how they interpreted the appearance of the mothership and the brains of the Infesteds. I thought that was really cool and interesting because when I read the book I just imagined that when you looked through the eyepiece you would see green blobs but the whole skull thing was cool! ……. And slightly creepy. Some people don’t really like Chloe Grace Moretz as an actor but I thought her acting was absolutely fine and she made a great Cassie Sullivan. Can I also just say that Nick Robinson might be my new #MCM because I really loved him in this movie and it Jurassic World and I think he’s pretty hot…but the only thing that’s holding me back is his hair right now. I just…NO it’s just so LONG and I can’t! 


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There were a few things that I wish were included in the film like when Evan kept lurking behind the door and she would know and then they had that secret knock and I just thought that was so adorable and I was anticipating that in the movie (besides the lake scene that wasn’t in the book even though it totally should’ve) Another thing that I wish was in the movie was when Evan explained that the other’s exist as pure consciousness and don’t have bodies and showed her by going into her mind. If there was any way to show that, it would be really nice and I just wished they had more time together when she understood and accepted him rather than her running away from him. HE DIDN’T EVAN (get it? *wink*) GET TO CALL HER MAYFLY!!!!! Overall, I just wanted more Evan and Cassie time that were more quirky and cute instead of being serious all the time. Something that I did like in the movie with the development of their relationship that wasn’t so well done in the book was how much more natural their attraction to each other was even though it was still a bit rushed, but in the book it was slightly more Insta-lovey.

It was an epic and amazing movie!!! And I gave it 4.5 stars!!! If you’ve watched the movie, comment below and tell me what you thought. Did you love it? Hate it? Please let me know!