February 13, 2016

Rating System



This is when I don’t finish them simply because they weren’t interesting anymore or the book annoyed me so much/I hated it so much that I had to put it down and not finish it because it wasn’t worth my time and it will probably looked a lot like this



This is when I have finished the book but I regret reading it because it had THAT many flaws and during the time that I was reading it, I would either be cringing, shaking my head, or banging my head against the book. If I post something about it, the whole post would either just be a rant about how bad it was, listing all the flaws or it would just be one sentence

1 (2)

But luckily, I haven’t finished any books that bad before.


So this book would still be quite bad and it would have a lot more negative comments than positive. I would have managed reading it without banging my head against the book hopefully but my reaction would be mostly 



This is when the book was reasonably good. It would have quite positive feedback with only either a few major flaws or many minor issues. However, overall the book was quite enjoyable and average but not anything new or exceptional. But I would be rolling with it…



This book would have been very enjoyable. Only a few flaws and it was new, fresh, the characters were engaging and loveable (or hate-able  if that’s what the author wanted). There would only had a few minor issues and it would be highly recommended. It may put you on a rollercoaster of emotions and I would be captivated most of the time. But it wouldn’t be in my list of favourites. 



This is when the book was absolutely perfect, otherwise the flaws would have been overlooked by the amazing characters or storyline and it would be an absolutely exceptional read. It would be in my list of top favourite books and I would reread it because I fangirled so much! The feels would be THROUGH. THE.  ROOF!


5 (2)


Here are some pics that you might see at the beginning of a review of a book and it just means that the content could be inappropriate for some audiences. 

If you see this pic, it means that it has content in the book that can act as a trigger, therefore it wouldn’t be recommended for those people. Underneath the pic I will also include the what is in the book that could be a trigger.

Trigger Warning

If you see this pic, it means that there is inappropriate content in the book for some people and this can include swearing, drug use, violence, etc. and under the pic I will list those things that are in the book and recommended an age. 

content warning